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As a college student, choosing to work with a faculty mentor can positively impact your LAS and UIC academic experience.  

Faculty are experts, both in and outside the classroom. They can offer ongoing guidance and advice that will help you feel confident in your academic journey and ensure that your time in LAS is productive and transformative. Don’t forget, faculty were once college students, too! They learned how to excel in a college environment and went on to make important contributions to their fields of study. As a mentee, you gain direct access to a faculty mentor’s knowledge and insights, and receive support to help you achieve academic, personal, and professional success!

Check out what your peers said about their mentoring experience:

  • “I discussed with my mentor my apprehensions towards my career choice. He helped me make an educated decision that was best for me. It was extremely helpful, especially coming from someone such as himself.”
  • “Keeping in touch with my mentor kept me motivated throughout the entire semester. Sometimes I give up in the middle of the semester, but because I had to meet with my mentor and give feedback on myself, I held myself to a higher standard than I normally would.”
  • “It was nice to have a guiding hand and knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through this.”
  • “When I was clueless about tutoring for non-stem classes, my mentor got back to me with an entire list of resources to get tutoring.”

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