Faculty Mentors

Support first-gen college students. All faculty welcome!

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Faculty mentors have an opportunity to connect with first-generation college students, support their academic journey, and help define their LAS experience.

As faculty, you possess invaluable academic experiences and institutional knowledge that can help students excel and effectively navigate a college environment. When you sign up to be a mentor, students gain direct access to this information and benefit from your expert guidance and ongoing support. The mentor-mentee relationship also affirms for students the value of interacting with faculty and developing quality connections in LAS.

Student Outcomes

After program participation, 87% of students reported feeling comfortable interacting with professors and 93% of students reported feeling comfortable asking professors for help.

Student Testimonies

  • “I discussed with my mentor my apprehensions towards my career choice. He helped me make an educated decision that was best for me. It was extremely helpful, especially coming from someone such as himself.”
  • “Keeping in touch with my mentor has kept me motivated throughout the entire semester. I know sometimes I give up in the middle of the semester, but I noticed that because I had to meet with my mentor and give feedback on myself, I held myself to a higher standard than I normally would.”
  • “It was nice to have a guiding hand and knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through this.”

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* Data comes from the Spring 2020 End of Program Survey.

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